Vince LuPone is a metal guitarist from Phoenix, Arizona that writes and records emotive and powerful music. Vince doesn't do something different from the norm just for the sake of being different, his music is written from the heart as a collection of versatile tracks that run the gambit between moving melodies and aggressive chaos. Vince's influences range from virtuosos Joe Satriani and Steve Vai to modern metal bands such as In Flames and Soilwork. His new self-produced solo album, Embers of Ares, is an explosive & modern take on metal instrumental guitar music.

If you want more info on Vince's musical background:

Early Years
I was born in Buffalo, NY and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I started playing music when I was 5 years old, playing piano. I played a few instruments over the years, but I didn't find music to be fun until I picked up the guitar as a 13-year-old. I quickly began begging my parents for an electric guitar, and before I knew it I was playing in bands and listening to heavy music that was popular at the time. My ear really turned when it came to thrash, industrial, progressive, and gothic forms of rock, and I fell in love with instrumental music. I recorded a few demo CDs with some of my early bands and I remember paying a small fortune to record demos that came out sounding pretty underwhelming. I started getting into home recording with a couple of singers I had worked with and this led to me joining bands, putting out a few really good demo CDs, and having a lot of fun doing it. I got to play a ton of fun shows, and it was all-in-all a blast to play in those bands and I felt like I really grew as a musician in that time.

Screaming into the Abyss (2005)
In 2004, I decided to focus my efforts on finishing a full length album. I was on a shoe-string budget but wanted to do it myself. I built a simple recording rig and spent a year recording my first solo album Screaming into the Abyss which I released in 2005. This was truly a DIY album, when I needed something I found a way to get it done myself. When I needed a cello part for a song, for example, I rented a cello for a month and played the part myself. This album was me, my guitars, a cheap guitar preamp, and a old-school Boss Dr. Rhythm drum machine. I made it work, I worked my tail off to polish the record. I was and still am extremely proud of this disc, as it was my first full-length finished album.

Screaming into the Abyss (2005)

The Asylum (2005-2009)
My solo album got the attention of a few local musicians, and it led me to start up a new project that eventually became The Asylum. By far the most fun band I'd been in and I met some lifelong friends in my time in the band. We put out two albums, Closer to the Evil in 2008 which was self-recorded in my old apartment and our band's rehearsal studio, and In Death and Tragedy in 2009. Both are albums I still hold dear to heart. IDaT is still my #1 workout album and I still jam those songs with my friends when I get the opportunity.

Closer to the Evil

In Death and Tragedy (2009)

Embers of Ares (2015)
I had some unfinished pieces of music recorded since 2010 that I had wanted to finish for awhile, and in 2014 I re-dedicated myself to writing and recording music. I wound up writing about 15 pieces of music, 8 of them made it to this album. Originally I was going to form up a band and add a singer, but the music took on a life of its own and before I knew it, I had recorded another solo guitar record. My wonderful wife Jane did a great job not just as my photographer but also helping me by telling me when my music was unfocused and too long. This really helped me to go back and review it more as a listener than just a pretentious shred guy. I wound up writing better music as a result, and this is what I feel is my best album to date.

Embers of Ares


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